Fabrication and Sales of all kinds of high-precision processed products made of High-purity quart and crystal silicon are Techno Quartz's core business.

To take full advantage of technologies and experiences ever achieved in the semiconductor field ,where high product quality is always expected, Techno Quartz fabricates and supplies our quality products to our valued customers all over the world.

Case example of Quartz glass fabrication

Processed quartz products:
Mainly used for semiconductor manufacturing process or for laboratory glassware.

Quartz Ring

Furnace Tube


Quartz cell for Spectral photometer application

Processed quartz products with advanced technologies

Quartz Plate with Encapsulation of Non-Quartz Material
(Diffusion bonding products)

Inner Tube
(Ceramics thermal spray coat on inside wall)


主に、半導体製造装置に使用される反応管や石英ボート・洗浄槽などを製作しています。テクノクオーツでは300mm ウェハーに対応した大型ボートから細密な部品まであらゆるサイズ・形状の火炎加工製品を提供することが可能です。


半導体製造装置向けの縦型石英ボート。 縦型・横型の各種形状が製作可能です。


300mm ウェハーに対応した各種大型反応管の製作が可能です。













Case example of crystal silicon fabrication

These are processed crystal silicon products used for semiconductor/FPD manufacturing process.

Larger silicon parts are made of polycrystalline silicon materials.

Silicon shower plate

Large plate (800 x 800mm)

Other technologies and Services

Micro-fabrication technology

Ultra-precision machining enables processing of smaller diameter holes and 3D fine channels. Techno Quartz is able to make various fabrication proposals according to ideas.

Sample introduction
chip with 4 channels

Micro-mixer with channels

Patterning process with wet etching


With our own bonding technology, Techno Quartz proposes to fabricate micro-chip of high pressure capacity.

Patent# 4729763: Etching method for quartz substrate
Patent# 4841063: Micro-channel structure and its fabrication method

Cleaning service

Applicable SEM processes

  • CVD
  • Spattering
  • Ion Milling
  • Dry etching
  • Epitaxial
    ※Please feel free to contact us for the other processes


Ceramics, Silicon, Metals(SUS, Al, Hastelloy),
Coated products(Alumite, et al)

Case example of cleaning

Although it depends on types of film,  deposits are capable of removal from deposited surface of ceramics and metal parts. 

Cleaning methodology applied to do much less damage to base materials keeps the surface condition as it originally was


  • Ceramics
  • Silicon
  • Metals(SUS, Al, Hastelloy)
  • Coated products(Alumite, et al)

Quartz surface treatment with plasma-resistance

CVD Yttria is a transparent protection film which features excellent plasma-resistance property. 

CVD Yttria is an adhesive, scrupulous type of film, so is very effective as a protection film applied to window products, used in plasma-treated process using CI and F gases.

Fluorocarbon resin coating

Techno Quartz is capable of coating quartz substrate with high-purity PFA, which provides excellent performance in heat resistance, chemical resistance,  and abrasion resistance

Product features

  • Contained particles, and reduced contamination
  • Excellence in chemical resistance, heat resistance,
     and abrasion resistance
  • High adhesion
  • Reproducing coating layers

Case example of PFA coating:
PFA coated on quartz substrate

Cutting-edge technology of part tracing technology

Graphic character codes such as QR codes or barcodes, through which Handy Terminal or barcode reader recognizes part# and serial# and so on, are laser-engraved in the quartz body. They help to improve the accuracy of traceability controls and work efficiency.

According to applications, Techno Quartz is capable of laser-marking 1D/2D code, location alignment mark, or identification label into the quartz body.

Planar quartz substrate

Quartz tube substrate and cylindrical quartz substrate

Patent# 6412156: Product embedded with tracing information

Self-supported film with a porous structure

Manufacturing method of self-supported film in which porous coat gets detached from a substrate undamaged enables fabrication of porous structure made of ceramics and metals with high melting points to cost less.

This feature is effective in larger surface areas, heat insulation, and lightweight where porous characteristics are taken advantage of.

Patent# 5849083: Manufacturing method of porous structure and self-supported film

Analysis and evaluation

Techno Quartz provides a variety of analyses and evaluations to raw materials and processed products for our own quality controls and evaluations of sampling products.


Processed surface
(Observed with SEM at 2000 magnifications)

Geometry estimations of micro-fabricated products
(Observed with laser microscope)

Thermal characterization
(Heat viscosity property test)

Mechanical Characterization
(Bending strength test)

Optical Characterization

Numerical simulation
(Architectural analysis)