Raw materials

Quality quartz glasses, which Techno Quartz processes into a variety of components, feature
good heat resistance, high purity, and transparency.

Quartz Glass material

Quartz glass ingot
(weight: approx.3 tons)

Quartz glass is classified into 2 different types: 

One is fused quartz fabricated by melting natural quartz crystal powders and  the other is synthetic quartz, which is fabricated by chemically synthesizing silicon tetrachloride.

Other than SiO2 as principal component,  there exists a fairly modest amount of hydrogen and chlorine (at most 0.1%) to form Si-OH group and Si-Cl group inside quartz. However, metal impurities are very little with some containing at most 10ppm and others containing less than 10ppb of metal impurities.

As seen above, quartz glass features many such properties as heat resistance, light transmission, electrical insulation, and chemical stability besides its high purity. 

Standard physical property of fused quartz glass

CharacteristicStandard value
Specific gravity2.2×103kg/m3
Hardness5.5-6.5(Mohs) 570KHN100
Tensile strength4.8×107Pa(N/m2)(7000psi)
Compressive strength1.1×109Pa以上(160,000psi)
Volume elasticity3.7×1010Pa(5.3×106psi)
Rigidity modulus3.1×1010Pa(4.5×106psi)
Young's modulus7.2×1010Pa(10.5×106psi)
Poisson ratio0.17
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20-320 degree-c)5.5×10-7cm/cm・℃
Heat conductivity1.4W/m・℃
CharacteristicStandard value
Specific heat670J/kg・℃
Softening point
Slow cooling point1215℃
Strain point
Specific resistance
(350 degree-c)
Refracture index1.4585
Sonic velocity
(Transverse wave)
Sonic velocity
(Longitudinal wave)
Sound-wave damping ratio11dB/m MHz or less

Crystal silicon material

Large crystal silicon(Square 800mm)

Silicon is the second most common element to oxygen on the earth.
Silica stone, combined with oxygen to be a chief component of dirt and sand in nature, is something familiar to us.
Crystal Silicon , purified by reducing, distilling, and then refining silica stone, is one of the vital semiconductor raw materials in fabrication of silicon substrate from which IC chips origin
Techno Quartz fabricates and supplies a variety of highly pure Crystal Silicon products for Semiconductor Manufacturing equipment.